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Patagonia Wellness

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Our Vision

Educate, inspire and inform people with balanced, unbiased scientific information on health, wellbeing, fitness and food & dieting issues, empowering them to make more positive choices on their health and wellbeing.

Goals and Mission

Our website is committed to educate, inspire and offer clear, scientific information on health, wellbeing, fitness and food & diets.

We will publish articles, reviews and assesses of recent scientific information, significant research findings, relevant trends and news to better understand health, fitness and wellness issues and needs. We will aim to reflect a wide range of views and opinions given by sicentists from all over the world in an ethical and unbiased manner.

We hope that our publications inspire and empower our readers to act positively on their health and lifestyles to improve wellbeing and life quality.

Patagonia Wellness

We chose the name because Patagonia is a vast, open, untainted and pristine land. Where nature is overpowering and humans are humbled by its mighty presence.

Patagonia's solitude, its forests, crystal clear lakes, ice fields and glaciers, lonely steppes and the relentless forces of nature put our lives in perspective.

It is here that you can sense your real inner worth, meditate about the meaning of life and understand why adopting a balanced lifestyle is so important because of its long-term effects on our health and well-being.

Glacier with blue ice and rugged snow capped mountains in Patagonia
Rugged, pristine, captivating Patagonia.

Meet Our Team

Austin Whittall


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He has worked in international technical sales and marketing of specialty and commodity chemicals used in a wide variety of industries for over thirty years.

Austin has learned that building lasting personal relationships, going the extra mile to satisfy customers' requirements, being reliable and trustworthy is the key to develop sustainable business.

Austin has a wide variety of interests, he has researched the myths of Patagonia and published a book on its mythical creatures. He has also successfully started, and operates, two specialty niche-travel websites.

He is an industrial engineer from the University of Buenos Aires.

Austin's interest in healthy lifestyles dates back to his youth and he has taken training courses to enhance and diversify his knowledge: Eating to win: activity, diet and weight control, Exercise and mental health, The science of nutrition and healthy eating, Improving aerobic fitness, Nutrition: vitamins and minerals, Communication and working relationships in sport and fitness, The Open University. Sit Less, Get Active, The University of Edinburgh. Starter Nutrition Course, The Health Sciences Academy. Autism 101 Online Course, Autism Society. Learn to Make Bath and Body Products, Udemy.

Austin is a member of IPPA (Internet Professional Publishers Association), Wellness Universe, Engaged Patients, Professional Beauty Association, Gluten Intolerance Group, IWA (International Web Association), Health Walkers and Voices for Vaccines and SLTC (Sociedad Latinoamericana de Tecnología del Caucho).